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Enjoy Sioux Falls

Our team feels fortunate to live in a city that has so much to offer yet is able to retain its "small town" friendliness. As a way for us to say "THANKS!", we began Enjoy Sioux Falls to promote the activities in the area to our clients, friends and colleagues.  This is how it works....

1. Order your t-shirt from The Kory Davis Experience.  The primary companies we order from offer a wide range of youth and adult sizes and produce them in high quality tri-blend material.  Our journey with these t-shirts began with one of Kory's good friends giving him a t-shirt from another local business that was made from this same material.  As an expert on t-shirts, Kory quickly realized this was no ordinary gift.  It became his favorite t-shirt and he felt confident our friends would like them just as much when produced with The Kory Davis Experience logo!

We will send an email to you when it arrives at our office so you can stop in to pick it up!

Front of Shirt
Back of Adult Shirt
Back of Youth Shirt

2. Wear your t-shirt from The Kory Davis Experience when you are enjoying our community. Whether you are taking in a movie, working out at the gym, walking the bike paths, taking in the scenery at Falls Park, or visiting any local attraction, just snap a picture wearing your t-shirt from The Kory Davis Experience. Post the picture to our Facebook page, tag us on Instagram, or even just email it to us at along with your permission to post it and we will take care of that part for you! On any month we receive 10 or more posted photos, we will hold an ENJOY SIOUX FALLS drawing for $100 and YOUR PHOTO is your entry in to the drawing!

Welcome to The Experience Real Estate, a team of realtors and support staff committed to providing outstanding home buying and selling services in Sioux Falls and the surrounding area. Designed and Hosted by The Gage Team.
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